25 April, 2010

First post

Hello Blog World.

This is my first blog and consequently my first blog post.

Never been much of a writer and never had a reason to start a blog but lately I've found that I couldn't easily find answers to some of the questions i had. After some time I ended up with what i needed but if I had just found it earlier i could have met the deadline. So this blog is just a repository for those answers so that you may be on time.

This will be a software development blog so if you're not a developer this may not be your cup of tea.

I will focus on .NET, C# , Silverlight, WCF (my specialties so far) and hopefully in the near future Mobile platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7).

This first blog post was just an overview of the subjects I will be writing about.
From now on just technical stuff.

See ya later.