01 April, 2013

Code Writer Helper

When working with MDA developers have a to write a lot of Transformer code. There are two important steps to write good code generation.

First step: write and test the end code to minimize errors.
Step two: write the transformer that will generate that code based on models.

The second step usually takes a lot of time as the developer has to write a lot os boilerplate prefix, suffix code in the transformer. To make sure the generated code is readable he must also write indentation related code.

Enter Code Writer Helper. It's just a very simple tool that accepts the prefix, suffix, empty row, add tab and remove tab strings, and returns the code ready to be pasted in the transformer file.
Everything written in the Original Code box is transformed in real time to the transformed Code box.

You can also creating different configurations by clicking on the "+" on the top right corner.

This was written in WPF and it's available on CodePlex.

Happy transforming.